Společné česko-bavorské projekty

18/ 5 2015


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Termín podání: 24. červenec 2015

  • The program’s focus is put on research and development. Financial support is available to cover mobility costs and for cooperation support activities with special accent to long-lasting effects such as preparation of HORIZON 2020 projects, bringing several universities/academic levels/junior and senior researchers together, publications, creating lasting cooperation structures etc. Furthermore, support can be grantedto tools for promotion of mutual cooperation such as workshops and/or seminars organized by joint teams.
  • Nanotechnology/materials sciences and ICT are chosen as priority areas for this call. Besides, the call is generally open to all scientific fields.
  • Maximum funding amount per project and per year: 20,000 Euro.
  • Academics and scientists (starting from Ph.D. level) from all types of universities and research organizations in the Czech Republic and from state-run/church-aided & state-approved universities and universities of applied sciences in Bavaria are eligible to apply.