14/ 5 2021

Civid-19 Testing.


Dear students,

As of Monday, May 10, 2021, new restrictions apply to your presence on TUL premises or in the dormitories.

The most significant change is the 72-hour limitation on the validity of antigen tests. Details can be found on the page:


From Wednesday May 12, 2021, tests for self-testing are available at the dormitory receptions.



  • 1. At the reception, the student picks up the test after showing the dormitory card / ISIC together with a document proving a valid health insurance.
  • 2. The student will perform the test (best on the same day) according to the instructions (available also at ).
  • 3. The student reports the result immediately to the reception (on request, she/he is ready to submit the test for inspection), and the student is obliged to enter the test result at .
  • 4. The student throws the used test away in the designated place.

Every student is entitled to 1 free antigen test in 7 days.
If she/he needs another antigen test within 7 days, she/he can purchase it at the reception for the price of CZK 55.