FME TUL Strategy R&D&I

Strategy RDI + 2030 Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Technical University of Liberec


The faculties of the Technical University of Liberec build upon the freedom of scientific research, share of information and ideas and openness to various scientific opinions. They arise from a research tradition of European universities where they systematically interconnect education with scientific, research, developmental, innovative and artistic activities and cooperate with renowned domestic and foreign partners, thus striving for a strong international dimension of their activities. The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering strongly benefits from its multidisciplinary focus and ability to deal with innovative, complex issues across the scientific disciplines. The Faculty has achieved numerous extraordinary successes and results, which it is able to commercialise.

Tradicion, New direction, New approaches 

  • The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering is the oldest faculty of the Technical University of Liberec. It was established in 1953 as the Institute of Mechanical Engineering (Vysoká škola strojní) and laid foundations for the development of university education in Liberec.
  • In the post-war period, Liberec started to focus on the automotive industry, machine tool manufacture and plastics processing in addition to the traditional textile and glass industries. This fact determined, and to some extent still determines the R&D research orientation of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.
  • At present, the science and research focus shifts to new areas such as the environment, safety, medicine, power engineering, nanomaterials and nanotechnology, emphasising the themes and needs of the 21st century.
  • The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering is profiled as a scientific engineering faculty.


  • At the faculty of Mechnical Engineering, research is a major asset for the development of education and erudition of society.
  • Scientific research and engineering are an integral part and a dominant activity of the academic and research staff, fundamentally contributing to the profile of the Faculty.
  • The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering spreads the erudition by deepening and moving the knowledge on the nature of materials, actions and processes in order to apply new findings in the sustainable development of society.
  • It is generally perceived as one the most significant technically oriented university faculties in the Czech Republic with a strong international accent.

Vision +2030

  • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering is an independent scientific research organization of European dimension consistently fulfilling the mission in areas of scientific research.
  • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering is a respected partner in the framework of a national and international scientific research area.
  • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering is a recognized and respected partner for collaboration with application and industry partners. 
  • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering is a clearly profiled research organization in the field of technical education and technical sciences, while achieving high quality results at national and international level. 
  • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering is a financially stable research organization relying on a strong research base to guarantee long-term perspective of the faculty's research, development and innovative activities.
  • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering is a desirable workplace for doctoral students from Czech and foreign universities. 
  • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering is a part of research teams and projects within the university, Czech Republic and international research teams.
  • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering is based on cooperation between faculty departments and university departments as well as research institutes.
  • Faculty departments develop research programs, which are essential criterion for the functioning or establishment of research teams, a platform for mutual cooperation, as well as planning the personnel and financial resources.   
  • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering is a research center with developed infrastructure at a standard international level.

Strategic areas of Research, Development and Innovation

Based on traditional disciplines, new areas of research, development and innovation are being developed with an emphasis on topics and needs of the 21st century. Strategic areas will be strengthened and developed by research programs of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.


  • Materials, nanomaterials, composites.
  • Progressive and environmental technologies and nanotechnologies.
  • Sustainable transportation and mobility.
  • Design of machines and devices.
  • Manufacturing systems, automation and robotization.
  • Energy and renewable resources. 

Opportunities and challenges to boots development and innovation

Core of the research is based on Research and Development Strategy of FME TUL during 2007-2013 and research programs developed within the university. An important role is played by Basic Research as well as mostly applied research projects, supported by TAČR, MPO CR, MV CR. A significant share is made of non-public funds for contract research activities, where the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering has traditionally achieved very good results. The participation of the Faculty in international projects is not sufficient, though.


Strong and Weak Points & Opportunities and Threats

Key factors in research, development and innovation 

Strategic Program Framework → Program for R&D&I

Strategy RDI is based on research programs of individual workplaces and research teams. Research programs, their implementation and evaluation are both a basic tool for introducing the strategy and a platform as well as the offer for scientific and research cooperation among universities and non-university institutions.  


Human Long-Term Objectives in the Field  R&D&I → Proposition of Strategic