International Studies



The Neisse University represents a network of co-operation between
· the Technical University of Liberec,
· the Wroclaw University of Technology,
· the University of Applied Sciences Zittau/Görlitz,


which is based on joint study courses.


The creation of a joint European sector of higher education has been the objective of European universities since the 1999 Declaration of Bologna. Based on the understanding that the process of European integration has made important progress during the last few years and has increasingly become a concrete and real fact to the citizens, considerations were raised to establish, by analogy, a joint sector of higher education.


The present three-national project is a step forward towards the creation of a joint European sector of higher education. In its nature, it is unique in Europe, thus having the character of a pilot project.

By their study at these three institutions, the students are being prepared in an excellent way for the expanding EU labour market.

Within the framework of the Neisse University, the joint three-year Bachelor course of

"Information and Communication Management"
"Bachelor of Science"

is offered in the English language.

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