Centre for Nanomaterials, Advanced Technologies and Innovation at the TUL

The Institute for Nanomaterials, Advanced Technology and Innovation (CxI) is the most ambitious and expensive project in the nearly sixty-year history of the Technical University of Liberec. It is a new research centre that was established in 2009. The Institute focuses on two research programs: material research and competitive engineering. In addition to the processing and use of new advanced materials (in particular nanomaterials), the Institute focuses on the development and use of advanced engineering constructions and technology (especially mechatronic systems, propulsion units, etc.). One of its priorities is the application of the results of research and their applicability in practice.



The head of the research programme Competitive Engineering is Prof. Jaroslav Beran, MSc, Ph.D.




The head of the research programme of material research is Prof. Petr Louda, MSc, Ph.D.


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