Liberec – the fifth largest town in the Czech Republic with more than 100,000 inhabitants - is situated in the north of Bohemia, surrounded by Jizera and Lužice mountains and the Krkonoše Mountain National Park. The drive from Prague to Liberec takes about an hour.


The first mention of Liberec is from the year 1352. In 1577 Liberec was recognised as a town and became a clothing centre. Later Liberec became a textile and glass centre in the Austrian Empire and its economic and political significance grew such that by the year 1830 it was the second largest town in Bohemia. Many foreign firms have come to Liberec to invest and Liberec have been expanded by the building of several new industrial zones.


There is no better place to start than the attractive area of the highest peak of the Ještěd. The mountain of Ještěd (1012 m above the sea level) is a dominant of the town. On the top of Ještěd, which is accessible by cableway, there is a hotel, a restaurant and a broadcasting tower. Assoc. Prof. Karel Hubáček, M.Sc., once a teacher at the Faculty of Architecture at TU Liberec, was awarded The Perret Prize of the International Union of Architects for the project of this unique building in 1969. From the top of Ještěd there is a beautiful view of Liberec and its surroundings.


What makes Liberec unique is its wide variety of architectural styles too. Thanks to the building boom that Liberec has seen since 1990 it is possible to see historically valuable architecture from the turn of the last century standing side by side with the modern architecture of the 21st century.


Liberec is a university town as well. The Technical school in Liberec began life as the first college, which was established in 1953 as the College of Mechanical Engineering. The school was expanded in 1960 with the addition of the Faculty of Textiles. The name of the institution was also changed to the College of Mechanical Engineering and Textiles. Further accredited faculties were established post-1989 and from January 1,1995, the name once again changed by legal decree to the Technical University of Liberec.


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