Research and scientific as well as professional activities represent an integral part and a dominant activity of academic and research staff and they inherently participate in the profile of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. The basic and especially applied research and development are orientated to the areas reflecting professional orientation of individual departments.

In the field of engineering technology and material science

the research is focused to study of temperature fields in casting-mould system, their effects on properties and quality of castings, research of cast iron structure and aluminum alloys, optimization of conditions for plastic materials working, optimization of machining processes, creation and evaluation of surface treatment, thin layers research, new materials development.

In the field of applied mechanics and machines and equipment design

the research is focused to the areas: fluid mechanics/turbulence, vizualization LDA, CTA anemometry, heat and mass transfer, vibroisolation of systems, interaction man-machine, research of mechanical properties of anisotropic materials, undercarriages of self-contained mobile robots, biomechanics in relation to sports equipment, construction of controlled dynamic systems, gas vehicles engines, ecological properties of vehicles engines, hydrostatic gears and mechanisms for transport machines, design of mechanisms and links of textile machines, new structures of single-purpose and textile machines, drives of tool-machines, equipment for contactless digitalization and rapid modeling, robotic manipulation with products and adaptive grippers with variable structure of gripping, optimization of glass producing machines and moulds , optimization of power engineering machines and processes with emphasis on energy demand reduction and ecological aspects implementation, heat gain from waste media, synthesis and diagnostics of machines and mechanisms.

In the fields of manufacturing systems and processes

activities are focused on manufacturing systems projecting and modern simulation methods development, on optimization of production processes, looking for new solutions of complex problems of manufacturing in the synergy of men, technology and organization, on Rapid Prototyping technology development, on development or modifications of computation methods and automation means for solving specific tasks in mechanical engineering, on simulation of real processes in industrial practice on the basis of experimentally obtained data.