European Smarter Seats for Global Innovation in the Automotive Sector


International project co-financed by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports CR within the EUREKA program, EURIPIDES consortium.


Programm: Inter EUREKA
Subsidy founder: MEYS CR
ID number: LTE120004
The amount of the grant for the Czech side: 9 682 000 CZK
Lead partner CR: ELITRONIC, s.r.o.
Project participant: Technical University of Liberec
TUL principal investigator: doc. Ing. David Cirkl, Ph.D.,

Faculty of mechanical Engineering, Department of Applied Mechanics

Other partners out of CR:

Diniz Adient Oto Donahim (Turkey)

FLOKSER (Turkey)

MAN Türkiye (Turkey)
ID within TUL: 17922
Period: 2020 - 2023

The project endeavours to develop a smart electronics solution that could be widely applied in the automotive seat industry. The technology offers utilizing automatic regulation in order to achieve a gradual periodic pressure change in contact zonebetween sitting person and the cushion of the seat.


This innovative solution in smart electronics is enabled by R&D collaboration among a Czech university (TUL) and electronics company (Elitronic), Turkish automotive seat manufacturer (Diniz Adient), Turkish end-user long-distance bus producer (MAN), and a Turkish R&D company that provides the most suitable seat material (FLOKSER).