Operational Programme Research, Development for Inovation

The Centre for Nanomaterials, Advanced Technologies and Innovation

The university institute CNATI was established as a university-wide workplace for the purposes of project implementation. As part of the project, a university research and research infrastructure comparable to the European and world standards was built.


Contractor: Technical University of Liberec
Subsidy founder: EU - MEYS CR

Operational Program Research, Development for Inovation

Project identificator: CZ.1.05/2.1.00/01.0005
Subsidy: 800 009 000 CZK
Period: 2010-2013


The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering developed at CNATI two research programs that correspond to the strategic directions of the Faculty:

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering develops laboratories for two research programmes within the CNATI infrastructure:

  • Material research: Laboratory of Nanolayer Evaluations.
  • Competitive Engineering:  Laboratory of Textile Machinery Innovation, Laboratory of Advanced Industrial Technologies, Hydrodynamic Laboratory, Power Unit Laboratory, Laboratory of Robotic Systems, Laboratory of Particle Technologies, Laboratory of Prototype Technologies and Processes.   

The main objective of the project is to support the utilisation of the newly built research infrastructure (see above) – the CNATI university worksite, a new building, acquired high-end instruments and equipment and research teams. The implementation of the submitted CNATI ++ project will significantly contribute to the efficiency of the use of this infrastructure, its stability, long-term sustainability and its further systematically managed development while maintaining the set structure of the professional profile of the University Centre. The project deals with seven research topics, which are solved by the academics of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.


Contractor: Technical University of Liberec
Subsidy founder: MEYS CR

National Sustainability Program

Project identificator: LO1201
Subsidy: 184 314 000 CZK
Period: 2014-2018