R & D Projects

Present state of SRD at Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of TU of Liberec

At present, the backbone of research and development and innovation at the FME TUL is formed by the R & D Projects with public support. The faculty co-operates with other research institutions in the CR.

Technology Agency of the Czech Republic

TA01020231 An applied research concerned on the increase of the thermal efficiency of the heat exchanger and confirmation of the service conditions in relation to the renewable energy sources

TA03010492 Applied multidisciplinary research and development of advanced cooling methods for technological processes

TA01020313 Development of the enthalpy heat exchanger air to air

TA02021332 The new generation of ecological cutting coolants

TA02020716 Research of technology ORC with low-volume piston cogeneration units determined for small and waste heat sources

TA03011584 Development of a new type of flow cytometer for special applications in R&D
TA03030978 Research and development of uninterrupted damper
TA03010852 The development of progressive cooling systems of moulds for container glass IS machines

TA03010663 Advanced systems for length calibration and surface inspection of end standards

TA04021338 Development of a CFD code for the design of desulphurizing equipment

TH01010690 Development of advanced technology of felt hats making

TH02020799 Product development of AlSi5Mg alloy for the automotive industry

TH03010378 Development of a new range of fire pumps for extreme conditions

Ministry of the Interior of The Czech Republic

VG20122014078 Applied research of new generation protective masks with nanofiltres to increase men protection from design, technological and material point of view

VI20172020052 Applied research in the field of the new generation of personal protective equipment for the demands of joint rescue service

VI20172019055 Application of geopolymer composites as fire barriers

Ministry of Industry and Trade of The Czech Republic

FV10215 Highly efficient air-jet weaving machine for production of leno fabrics

FV10467 Development of effective fulling technology in the hat production

FV10709 Welding numerical simulation including fatigue prediction of welded construction in ground transportation, steel constructions and energy industrial section – high and low fatigue, thermal fatigue and hot tearing

FV10510 Low-temperature reparations of the turbines creep resistance casted components

FV20241 Modular range of machine tool holders

FV20547 Special transformation mechanisms in drives with electronic cams

FV30091 Research and development of a new generation automatic machine for the production of self-supporting bobbins

FR-TI4/310 Increasing of working life of conveyor belts affected by shocks

FR-TI3/373 Research and Development of new subledeburitic steels for wood working with improved performance

FR-TI3/587 Research and development of biomaterials and production technologies used in treatment of bone defects