Faculty of Textile Engineering

Historically, it is the second oldest TUL faculty. It was established in 1960, and with its establishment, the College of the Mechanical Engineering was transformed into the College of Mechanical and Textile Engineering. FT TUL is the only school in the Czech Republic that provides college-level education across the whole textile engineering field.

  • FT TUL provides and guarantees the expert level for all three study program types.
  • The basic and especially the applied research and development focus on the area that reflects the professional orientation of six departments, i.e. the Department of Material Engineering, the Department of Nonwovens and Nanofibrous Materials, the Department of Textile Evaluation, the Department of Clothing, the Department of Textile Technologies, and the Department of Design.
  • The Faculty largely cooperates with industrial companies and works on a lot of projects financed from various grants. In the long term, it creates conditions for successful cooperation with a lot of textile and material engineering-oriented universities and institutions world-wide.

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