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  • iTrux is looking for two workstudents that have a bachelor degree (one in computer science and one in mechanical engineering) and that want to obtain their master degree combining studying with working for the Flemish company.

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Master in Mechanical Engineering

Master in Engineering - Computer Science


  • Karel de Grote-Hogeschool - Antwerp - Belgium, offers an English taught Masters Program in Automotive Engineering.

The program focuses on New Ecological and Technological Standards in Automotive Engineering, including 6 Modules and a Master thesis.

The Modules are:

- Developing engine technologies

- Energy efficient design of powertrain and body

- Alternative drive systems

- Green fuels

- Trends in vehicle electronics

- Communication and management for engineers





  • Technická Univerzita v Budapešti, respektive fakulta strojní, nabízí řadu bakalářských, magisterských i doktorských programů v angličtině. Studium je otevřené všem zájemcům ze zahraničí.

Profil - zde.

Nabídka studijních programů - zde.






The Master of Science Programme "Clean Coal Technologies" is a two-years course on power engineering and modern combustion techniques. The course is held in English by a group of European technical universities supported by the Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC) and divided into two periods. The students spend the first and the second semester at the university that is their "entry point" - Silesian University of Technology (SUT) or University of Science and Technology in Kraków (AGH). After two semesters students continue at the university abroad that participates in the Programme - Technical University of Lisbon (IST). Graduates receive a dual degree diploma, one from the polish university and one form the portuguese university. The Programme covers the field of power engineering and related problems. The course of studies includes the following areas:

  • clean combustion techniques,
  • low emission power systems,
  • new generation fuels,
  • waste to energy systems,
  • renewable energy sources,
  • sustainable development and power systems.

The Programme is an attractive proposal for skilled students from around the globe. Students accepted in Clean Coal Programme not only will get high-class education in all aspects of clean combustion technologies but will also have a proper training in innovation and entrepreneurship. It will result in top graduates that will match the labor market needs for advanced leadership, industrial practice, innovative and creative problem solving. Clean Coal Technologies graduates are guaranteed a huge choice of well paid jobs in their homeland and across EU. The diplomas give a wide selection of opportunities at the start of their carrier paths.

The participation fee (8000€ per year) will be covered by the Knowledge and Innovation Community KIC – it means that the participation in Clean Coal Technologies Program is completely free for students! They will receive installation fee (1000€) and monthly allowance in the amount of 750€ per month.

We offer students a community of dedicated teachers and active students, a friendly and supportive learning environment and a cultural experience of a unique city in a unique region of Europe. Our huge advantage are small study groups and individual approach.

The list below provides useful links to information related to the MSc Programme "Clean coal technologies".

Detailed description of required documents, deadlines and admission criteria for the Autumn intake (deadline 30th of April) can be found at:



Silesian University of Technology (SUT): www.polsl.pl/en


University of Science and Technology in Kraków (AGH): www.agh.edu.pl/en






  • CATT is an intermediary organization and supports companies in the region Upper Austria to find international trainees. Basically they publish the placement offers of their partner companies on international level. Students and graduates can apply for these offers at CATT. They pre-select the offers and forward it to the companies which decide if they will get in touch directly with the applicant or not. They are basically responsible to fix the placement directly with the applicant.

Service is free of charge for companies and applicants/trainees.


More placements can be found on the webpage: http://www.catt.at/files/Placement_offers.pdf