Department of Engineering Technology

Laboratory of Plastic Materials Testing

The laboratory is equipped with modern equipment for testing the physical and mechanical properties of polymer materials. It also evaluates the material structure of plastics according to international standards on standard and non-standard testing parts, semi-finished and finished products. The laboratory is equipped with a light microscope with a digital camera and with a rotary microtome Leica, an extrusion capillary microscope plastometer, an impact hammer for toughness tests according to Charpy and Izod, a Ceast notch machine with a micrometer for normalized notches preparation, a Hounsfield tensile strength testing machine with testing heads of 500 N and 10 kN for evaluating the tensile, bending, press and sliding properties of plastic materials, a Shore scleroscope with testing heads A and D, and density and analytical scales. The laboratory also houses an ultrasonic welding machine for welding plastic materials and a drying cupboard with a tool for measuring the linear dilatation of polymer materials.


Laboratory of Plastic Pressing

This worksite is equipped with an Engel Victory 80/25, non-column injection machine with a microprocessor control, and a water temperature control unit, part of which is equipment for temperature field monitoring inside as well as on the surface of the injection mould. It also monitors the temperature on the surface of the injected parts.

The workplace is also equipped with a machine for vacuum thermoforming of thermoplastic sheets and a blow moulding machine made by the company GDK. This equipment is for extrusion-blowing of hollow bodies and it can evaluate the influence of the technological parameters on the quality of the hollow bodies which are produced.

Here, it is also possible to produce plastic test pieces with different moulds for analysing the plastic materials properties according to international standards.


Metal Forming Laboratory

This laboratory is equipped with devices for testing material formability: a TiraTest 2300 material testing machine with a thermal chamber and a measuring head ranging from 10 kN, to 100 kN and 500 kN. It also has equipment for measuring material plasticity according Erichsen and a TZP device for deep-drawability. There are also hardness testers (Vickers, Brinell, Rockwells) a light microscope, a cabinet drier with air circulation, a machine for electrolytic etching and Abbe´s comparator.


Tribological Laboratory

This workplace has unique equipment which enables staff to carry out tribological tests with the possibility of setting the sheet speed up to 400 mm/s, and set the value of contact pressure between material and tool up to 80 MPa, with a maximum force of 20 kN and the jaws temperature up to 98°C. The design of this equipment makes it possible to simulate drawing conditions in the area of the drawing edge of the die and in the area of the blank-holder.


Press Shop

This workplace is equipped with a pneumatic hammer, a hydraulic press, a crank and eccentric press, a lever and plate shear for the preparation and fabrication of samples for experimental analysis of manufacturing processes and product quality.

CAD/CAM Laboratory

The purpose of this laboratory is to support the use of numerical simulations in a number of areas. These include: the development of products tool optimization, the technological process of sheet forming, injection of plastics, blow moulding of hollow plastic bodies, thermoforming of plastic and composite parts, as well as welding and casting technologies.

Casting Laboratory

This laboratory has equipment for screen analysis and compacting the sand mixtures, measuring their strength, air permeability and gas content. There are also equipment for measuring the dilatation, electric resistance oven and drying oven for sand and core-sand mixtures.


The shop is equipped with an electric inductive middle-frequency oven, a resistance batch furnace, equipment for measuring oxygen activity, the temperature fields of casts and the dilatation of casting alloy during solidification and cooling. Single-part prototype production of smaller casts is possible
in the shop.


Metallographic Laboratory

The purpose of this workshop is to evaluate metal structure and their alloys. It is equipped with
a metallographic grinding and polishing machine, a Haneman machine for measuring micro hardness and a Neophot 21 optical microscope with digital camera and SW analyses NIS-Elements.


Welding Laboratory

The equipment in this laboratory can record and analyse welding parameters for arc welding. The laboratory is equipped with welding supplies for MAG and WIG welding – BDH 550 and Navigator 3000 AC/DC.

Welding Shop

The Welding Shop is equipped with welding machines for hand arc welding methods, a WBLP 40 machine for resistance welding, an automatic machine for submerged-melt welding, a tool for gas cutting and for gas welding and deposition.