Department of Glass Producing Machines and Robotics

Laboratory of Robotics

This unique laboratory of the Faculty includes 4 test robotised workplaces for handling, technological and assembly applications. It is possible to use software for virtual simulation of the layout of test robotised workplaces. The laboratory is highly-equipped, with specific instruments for predictive automation techniques testing.


Laboratory of Technologies

The Laboratory of Technologies specialises in research and education. Here, experiments for the analysis of glass and melt material properties (rheology, fracture mechanics, identification of viscosity curve behaviour, localisation and numerical simulation of stress in glass products) are carried out. The laboratory also houses equipment for the presentation of other standard laboratory methods
to students.


Laboratory of Glass-Producing Machines

This laboratory is geared towards supporting research activities and education, focusing on problems of heat transfer and mass during glass forming. The laboratory is equipped with state of the art technology for measuring temperature, using contact and optics methods, for preparing and standardising thermocouples, and for evaluating flow.


Laboratory of Pneumatic Drivers

This laboratory is an educational laboratory where pneumatic driver behaviour and systems of control can be tested, enabling students to experiment with the process of designing and connecting pneumatic and electro-pneumatic power circuits. They can develop operating circuits and programme PLC controls and the test parameters of the systems designed. The laboratory is equipped with complex apparatus for the creation and testing of vacuum circuits, vacuum gripping heads and the dynamic properties of servo-pneumatics. Software products for simulating pneumatic circuits are also available. Seminars are held in this laboratory in cooperation with the company FESTO.