Department of Manufacturing Systems and Automation

CAD/CAM Laboratory

has 12 HP computers (SW: Catia V5, Pro/ENGINEER, EdgeCAM, AlphaCAM, Insight, CatalystEX, Rhinoceros, Witness, Matlab-simulink). Here students are taught and student’s projects are carried out. The laboratory is also used for courses and seminars that are offered to those in industry.

CNC Machines Laboratory

has a MAZAK Integrex 100-IV multi-tasking 5 axis turning and machining centre as well as an EMCO lathe and EMCO milling machine for teaching purposes. The laboratory is used for educational purposes and for courses in programming CNC machines. Research is carried out here into solving problems with 5 axis cutting of intricate surfaces. The machines are also used for production of prototypes parts, in cooperation with industry.

Servo Drives Laboratory

is a workshop belonging to the research centre. Here research is carried out in these areas: the structure and setting-up regulators of positional servomechanisms, the maximisation of dynamic stiffness, the minimisation of dynamic error at interpolation, the optimisation of the machine mechanics with regard to achieving high speeds and acceleration while reaching high natural frequencies, dynamic accuracy in atypical, specialised milling machines. Research is in progress using test benches and CNC milling machines.

Laboratory of Measurement and Rapid Prototyping

is a research and educational laboratory. It is equipped with devices for digitalisation and 3D measurement (3D digitizer Atos II, MicroScribe-3D, SMS Somet Berox) and rapid prototyping machines (Dimension SST 768, Prodigy, vacuum chamber MK-Mini). Research and development for industry is also carried out here.

HPM Laboratory

is a research and educational laboratory. Here experiments are carried out which focus on the measurement of the characteristics of hydraulic components and circuit simulation. The laboratory is equipped with test benches for the design and testing of hydraulic circuits. Software tools for flow simulation are also available.


Process Control Laboratory

Its purpose is for the education of Master’s and Bachelor’s students. It is equipped with IT for measuring and control, including software such as LabView or Matlab. There is laboratory equipment which can be used by students to perform tasks to improve their creativity and resourcefulness (complex task of thermal management PLC Siemens control of NC support, programming environment for C/C++, programming environment for single-chip micro-computers, stands for designing pneumatic control, an oscilloscope, sensors, power sources and so on).

Pneumatic Systems Laboratory

Its prime purpose is the design and development of pneumatic control systems. The laboratory is equipped with IT with measuring cards, pneumatic units (pneumatic pistons, distribution switches, transforming valves), a pneumatic flow-meter, manometers, thermometers, stands with pneumatic drives, electric power sources, a generator of electrical signals, an oscilloscope, a programming environment for single-chip micro-computers, software LabView, Matlab and so on.

Computer Graphic Laboratory

Its prime aim is to teach students in the Master’s degree programme. The laboratory houses IBM RS/6000 computer workstations with the AIX operating system. It is used to teach students the CATIA system for designers, as well as programming of X applications in the robust graphical interface graPHIGS.