Department of Power Engineering Equipment

The Laboratory of Hydrodynamic Visualization

(LAHY in Czech) utilizes a hydrodynamic bath with a low fluid level. 2D incompressible viscous flows are visualized. Black water with Al-powder is used for liquid visualization.

Laboratory of Turbulence

(LATUR in Czech) is used for investigating coherent structures and sheering areas (thermally controlled Coanda´s effect, Struhal´s phenomena and synthetic jet). The Laboratory is equipped with CCA, CTA, StreamLine anemometers and the calibration device DANTEC.

Laboratory of Optical and Thermoanemometric Methods

(LOTA in Czech) with control centre. The laboratory is equipped with experimental devices for Laser Doppler Anemometry LDA, PIV, BSA, thermoanemometers, a ZEISS schlieren device and other equipment.

Laboratory of Renewable Energy Sources

(LOZE in Czech). This laboratory is primarily oriented towards investigating solar systems, photovoltaic panels, thermosolar collector systems and heat pumps. Research in the laboratory focuses on improving heat transfer efficiency, reflective properties of surfaces and solving stratification problems in heat containers.

Laboratory of Thermal Technical Measurement

(LATEM in Czech) measures state quantities, pressure, pressure differences, temperature, relative humidity, dew point, velocity, flow rate measurement, temperature and velocity fluctuations, fluctuations spectra, pressure gauges calibration (calibration pressure gauge Amatek RK, working range 1kPa to 1.2 MPa, accuracy ± 0.0015 %), thermoelements and resistance thermometers calibration (calibration oven JOFA ATC -650B, working range 50°C to 650°C, stability ± 0.03°C; contactless infrared thermometer HORIBA IT-340, working range -50°C to 500°C, adjustable surface emissivity; central measuring station TESTOTHERM and ALBORN).

Laboratory of Power Machines and Devices

(LES in Czech) is used for measuring ventilator characteristics, blowers, compressors (up to 3.5 MPa), heat pumps, drying devices, condensing boilers and for measuring heat balances.

Laboratory of Computational Fluid Dynamics

(LA-CFD) conducts mathematical modelling and numerical simulation of turbulent processes in heat and momentum transfer (SW: ALGOR, SYMOS, FLUENT 6.0 for 5 parallel processes). In addition to scientific work, this computer laboratory carries out research for the automotive, glass, textile and plastics industries. It focuses on air conditioning devices, air conditioning and aeration problems, temperature heat problems, cooling of energy devices, cavitation processes and ecological loads in the atmosphere.