Department of the Design of Machine Elements and Mechanisms

Hydrodynamic Laboratory


The experimental and simulation laboratory for applied mechanics was founded in 1997. Here research is carried out into static and dynamic stress on machine parts and systems by means of periodic and random signals in a kinematical (positional) or force feedback. Stress, deformation or force responses can be monitored. Examples are:

  • Testing of passive safety protection elements of road users.
  • Testing of car seats.
  • Simulation and measurement of the dynamic behaviour of the driver's seat.
  • Measurement of force conditions on carving skis.
  • Force conditions on a car towing bracket.

The laboratory is equipped with linear hydraulic motors with different strokes and power. Computer control enables loading of motors with any kind of signals, including random or real signals which were measured while in operation. Motors are divided into several groups: four-cylinder, FU 250, a small frame, a horizontal cylinder and a platform with six degrees of freedom.

The laboratory is equipped with a wide range of standard sensors of physical quantities. Computers and software are also available for processing the measured data. There is a workshop where mechanical parts for experiments can be prepared. At a workplace for electronics single-purpose devices are produced for special experiments.