Department of Vehicles and Engines

Laboratory for balancing machine components

The worksite is equipped with a SCHENCK HS 20 horizontal balancing device with a CAB 920 measuring system. This device is able to balance rotary machine components and parts up to a 50-kilogram mass.

Piston Combustion Engine Laboratory

The laboratory houses eight engine dynamometers (eddy-current, electrical and water-brake) capable of accommodating up to 700 kW / 3000 Nm spark or compression ignition engines to support departmental projects and research work. Several engines are used for experimental work
on alternative fuels (hydrogen, natural gas, LPG, biofuels). The laboratory has equipment for imaging of combustion processes (VISIOSCOPE), in-cylinder pressure indication and emissions measurement, and a machine shop.


Computer Graphics Laboratory

The laboratory features powerful workstations with CA technologies (AutoCAD, CATIA, ProEngineer, ANSYS, Wave), which are used for construction, analysis and optimization of machine components.
It is used for educational purposes and for student research and thesis projects.

Vehicle Accessories Laboratory

The laboratory is used for experimental design of novel directional drive systems (steer-by-wire), equipment for measuring the inertial momentum ellipsoid of complex systems, and a transmission workshop used for educational purposes.

Vehicle Laboratory

The laboratory has a light-duty chassis dynamometer and a standard transient emissions measurement system.


Technical Diagnostics Laboratory

The laboratory is equipped to measure a wide spectrum of noise and vibrations from vehicles and machines. The laboratory is home to the Educational and Pilot Centre of the TUL – SPECTRIS, which runs public workshops in noise measurements and vibrodiagnostics as a part of the Life-Long Learning Programme.