Strategic areas of Research, Development, Innovation

The detailed orientation of scientific and research activities at the FME TUL is defined by directions of the science and research of the individual departments.

On the basis of wide discussions, a basic outline of common main directions of the FME TUL where the departments declare their interest in a wider co-operation and looking for common RRI projects.

The direction and orientation of the main SRD projects comports with ideas and needs of the Czech Republic defined by Long-run basic directions of the research in the Czech Republic.


  • Materials, nanomaterials, composites.
  • Progressive and environmental technologies and nanotechnologies.
  • Sustainable transportation and mobility.
  • Design of machines and devices.
  • Manufacturing systems, automation and robotization.
  • Energy and renewable resources. 

Strategy RDI is based on research programs of individual workplaces and research teams. Research programs, their implementation and evaluation are both a basic tool for introducing the strategy and a platform as well as the offer for scientific and research cooperation among universities and non-university institutions.