Strategic directions of science, research and development of FME of TUL

Strategic directions of science, research and development

of Faculty of Mechanical Engineering


The detailed orientation of scientific and research activities at the FME TUL is defined by directions of the science and research of the individual departments.

On the basis of wide discussions, a basic outline of common main directions of the FME TUL where the departments declare their interest in a wider co-operation and looking for common SRD projects.

The direction and orientation of the main SRD projects comports with ideas and needs of the Czech Republic defined by Long-run basic directions of the research in the Czech Republic.


Material science

  • Development of new metallic and non-metallic materials incl. biomaterials
  • Nanolayers structures.
  • Materials with controlled strength and abrasion resistance
  • Research of machines parts surface integrity
  • Research of new polymer materials
  • Composites with thermoplastics matrix from nanoparticles, to micro-particles and fibrous composites, geopolymers
  • Cast irons and alloys on the basis of non iron metals, development of new forming mixtures
  • A processes controlled by magnetic field

Machines and equipments of competitive strength

  • Service robots for special applications
  • New application using of glass and automation of its manufacture
  • Biomechanics - interaction man and machine
  • Combined electromechanical systems in machines design
  • Machines and mechanisms dynamics, analysis and optimization of extremely stressed points
  • New driving units
  • Actively controlled undercarriages
  • Noise and vibrations – vibration isolating systems , elements of protection of parties in road traffic, comfortable seats
  • Non conventional structures of textile machines with mechatronics principles application
  • Construction of single- purpose machines and equipments
  • Ergonomics and design of machines and products
  • Aerodynamics of constructions, machines and car bodies

Technological and manufacturing processes

  • Special technologies for plastic working
  • Progressive casting processes
  • Technologies for metal sheets and composite materials processes
  • New technologies of structural parts coupling
  • Thermal processes in foundry and glass manufacturing
  • Development and innovation of machining and assembling processes
  • Diagnostics of manufacturing processes
  • Models creating by using Rapid Prototyping system

Accumulation and transfer of energies

  • Renewable power sources
  • Energetic waste recovery
  • Energy - saving heating and air conditioning
  • Exhalations, emission analysis, possibilities of reducing harmful substances in atmosphere
  • Heat and mass transfer in relation to environment
  • Research of atmospheric effects
  • Heat and mechanical energies transfer and accumulation
  • Intensification processes control in thermal engineering