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CEEPUS - Central European Exchange Program for University Studies


CEEPUS covers mobility grants for students and teachers of eligible universities from CEEPUS member countries: Albania, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, North Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Serbia, the Slovak Republic and Slovenia. The Universities of Pristina, Prizren, Peja et al. are also participating.


Find out whether your institute at your home universities participates in a network by browsing CEEPUS participating units. Find a network.

Get in contact with the network coordinator of the funded CEEPUS network to see whether a mobility application is possible within the network and for your desired guest university.


Participation of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of TUL in CEEPUS networks in 2022/2023:

1/ CIII-RS-0304-15-2223 "Technical Characteristics Researching of Modern Products in Machine Industry with the Purpose of Improvement Their Market Characteristics and Better Placement on the Market."
Participating units and Program description here.

2/ CIII-BG-0722-11-2223 "Computer Aided Design of automated systems for assembling."
Participating units and Program description here .

3/ CIII-RO-0013-18-2223 "Teaching and Research of Environment-oriented Technologies in Manufacturing"
Participating units and Program description here .

4/ CIII-RS-1012-08-2223 "Building Knowledge and Experience Exchange in CFDg"
Participating units and Program description here .

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If your home university or institute is not listed in a network you can also apply for a grant as a freemover in any CEEPUS country. Please note, that there is only a limited amount of freemover grants available. If you want to start a freemover grant application: Get in contact with your local National CEEPUS Office for further assistance.

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