Development and Projects Office

The department ensures and carries out the agenda covering activities falling within the self-governing area of the faculty, i.e. science, research, faculty development. The department is subordinate to the Dean of the Faculty, cooperates with the Vice-Deans, the Secretary and the Study Department according to the nature of activities and competences in individual areas.


Strategy, Concept, Quality
Tel.: + 420 48 5353652
E-mail: iveta.lukasova@tul.cz


Ing. Štěpánka SCHÁŇKOVÁ, Ph.D.
Project Manager
Tel.: + 420 48 5352979
E-mail: stepanka.schankova@tul.cz


Ing. Radek VOTRUBEC, Ph.D.
Open science Faculty coordinator

Tel.: + 420 48 5353285
E-mail: radek.votrubec@tul.cz

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