Admission to the Master's Study Programme

The Faculty provides all master study programmes for foreign students in the Czech and English language. The conditions for foreign students taking courses in Czech language are the same as for Czech students and no tuition fee is required. Study in Czech language is free of charge. It is necessary though to keep in mind that Czech is not an easy language to master for native speakers of other than Slavonic languages. To be able to study in Czech, international applicants are recommended to have completed at least the B1 level of Czech to succeed in studying in Czech. Study in English is subject to a fee.


We offer two Master's degree programmes in English: Innovation and Industrial Engineering and Machines and Equipment Design.


Rules of Admission Procedure and Conditions for Admission for a. y. 2022/2023

Eligibility: Graduating from a relevant Bachelor’s degree programme | Online entrance examination – sample test questions below | Recognition of previous education (Bachelor) | Fluent English skills – level no lower than B1, no official certificate required

Deadline for Submitting the Application Form: 31 July 2022

Date of the Entrance Exam: 31 August 2022

Fee for submitting of application form: 100 USD (online payment)

ECTS credit system

The Technical univerisity of Liberec use the ECTS credit system (European Credit Transfer System), where each course is assessed using a number of credits which reflects its demands. This system allows credit transfer among universities and enables students to study and gather credits at various institutions (e.g. during their mobility abroad).

Admission Test - Sample Test Questions

The admission test takes place in selected subjects of theoretical and applied basics in the range of the subject matter taught at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Technical University in Liberec in Bachelor's programme of study "Mechanical Engineering":

  • mechanics: statics (free-body diagram for a rigid body - to represent the internal force states in bars, beams and cables; internal forces; bending moment; internal reaction), kinematics (kinematics of a particle: speed of particle; magnitude of acceleration of particle as a function of time; position vector of a particle; velocity vector and acceleration vector as a function of time etc.), dynamics,
  • elasticity and strength (beam deflection loaded with a moment or a force; beam deflection loaded with a distributed load or a distributed load with changing magnitude; stress in a rod loaded with a force and a temperature change etc.),
  • machine components (e.g. gear mechanisms, toothed gears, belt gears including geometry and force ratios, bearings, couplings, springs, dimensional and geometric tolerances, etc.),
  • materials science,
  • engineering technology (metal forming; foundry; welding; machining; plastics processing).

Sample Entrance Exam Test Questions - Part I

Sample Entrance Exam Test Questions - Part 2

Electronic Application

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