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FME TUL List of all solved and completed projects in Information system R&D CR.

FME TUL Projects completed in the years 2019–2023 / Provider


Technology Agency of the Czech Republic

2016–2019 Product development of AlSi5Mg alloy for the automotive industry
2018–2020 Development of a new series of fire pumps to extreme conditions
2019–2022 Parrallel-mechanism measuring robot arm as an alternative to CNC machining centers and other precision machining
2019–2022 47/5000 Thermal nano insulation for automotive, aviation and aeronautics
2019–2022 Research of gauge blocks in terms of thermal expansion and non-standard material composition
2019–2022 National Centre of Competence ENGINEERING
2019–2022 Josef Bozek National Center of Competence for Surface Vehicles
2020–2023 Ultrasound methods for flow rate and velocity fields measurements
2020–2023 Development of compact ultrasonic gas meter with zero upstream/downstream straight pipe
2020–2022 Optimization of acoustic panel properties made of recycled crystal glass functionalized with nanofiber additives

Czech Science Foundation

2019–2023 Optimization of pulsatile jet actuation in fluid mechanics

Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic

2017–2019 Application of geopolymer composites as fire barriers
2017–2020 Applied research in the field of the new generation of personal protective equipment for the demands of joint rescue service
2019–2022 Design and Production of Prototype Equipment for Local Repairs of Inorganic Surfaces Functionality
2019–2022 Plasma-nitriding increasing of utility properties for welds and parts produced by means of additive technologies
2018–2020 Research and development of a new generation automatic machine for the production of self-supporting bobbins
2017–2020 Special transformation mechanisms in drives with electronic cams
2017–2019 Modular range of tool magazines for machine tools
2016–2019 Development of effective fulling technology in the hat production
2016–2019 High efficient jet weaving machine for the production of leno fabrics
2019–2021 Assessment of the damage potential of cavitation for industrial hydraulic applications


MI CR / EU / Operational Programme Enterprise and Innovation for Competitiveness 2014–2020
2022–2023 Development of a filter for capturing heavy metals in combustion processes
2022–2023 Application of geopolymers in fire safety of buildings
2021–2023 Pretreatment, coating and protection of the substrate
2021–2023 Reduction of noise from linear transport constructions using active and passive elements
2021–2023 Development of a prototype of a new type of blow moulding machine
2021–2023 Development of an automatic device for inspection quality testing of rotational aircraft engine parts using ultrasonic imersion method
2021–2023 Development of a new generation of robotic deburring machine without the need for brushing
2020–2023 Research and development of textile products with a focus on the technology of knitting and the use of aqueous chemicals
2019–2023 Research and development of a new universal non-dripping quick coupling
2018–2021 Integration of microcomputers into lighting systems
2017–2023 Research and development of special sewing machines for automated quick coupling of shoulder clothing
2017–2021 Development of textile products from non-combustible and recyclable materials
2017–2022 Industrial research and experimental development of small city electromobile and tools for production
2015–2020 Dynamic multi-axis electro-hydraulic recovery units
2015–2022 Test sites for precertification testing of internal combustion engines
2015–2021 Knowledge base for decommissioning of nuclear energy


Ministry of the Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic

2020–2022 ESSGIAS  European smarter seats for global innovation in the automotive sektor


MEYS CR / EU / Operational Programme Programme Research, Development, Education
2018–2022 Hybrid Materials for Hierarchical Structure
2018–2022 3D Print in civil engineering and architecture
2017–2022 Development of the Ph.D. Study Programmes at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the TUL
2017–2022 Research Infrastructure Development for the Ph.D. Study Programmes at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the TUL

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